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The foundations for Kenny Hill Building & Construction were laid in 1968 by Tony Beard & Mick George when they joined in partnership and created Kenny Hill Service Station.


The company went from strength to strength over the next 12 years when it was decided in 1970 to build an extension to the workshops to handle demand. This created a problem as the extension would need piling and no-one could be found to do the work. So Tony, being ever resourceful, bought a piling rig so that they could do the work themselves. Once word got round that the service station owned a piling rig other enquiries started to flood in and Kenny Hill Service Station (Building Division) was born.


The 2 companies traded side by side for the next 22 years and both businesses flourished until 1992 when Mick George decided it was time to retire. Tony felt he wasn't ready to retire just yet so he and his wife Joan bought Mick's share of the company. The decision was then made to split the company in 2 and Kenny Hill Building & Construction Ltd and Burnt Fen Garage Ltd were created.


The companies carried on in this form for the next 12 years. In 2004 due to his wife's ill health Tony decided it was time to retire. Their son, Steve, made the decision to purchase the company from him. On completion of the purchase Steve Beard decided to open a new company Kenny Hill Builders Merchants.


The 3 companies carried on trading together until January 2008 when it was decided to close Burnt Fen Garage Ltd after 50 years of trading due to a massive decline in the demand for small independent workshops.


In September 2008 after having sponsored Tom Clegg for the previous 2 years, it was an obvious next step that for the 2009 British Superbike season to enter our own team in the Superstocks 1000cc category, so Kenny Hill Racing was born.